Spring Fever has Arrived

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

As soon as I have to put on a big warm coat, I want Spring to come. So can it hurry, I have been waiting a long time... Who else has Spring Fever?

I can say that I have been on a Spring Fever since January. My mom and I recently booked our Spring Break hotel. We are heading to Savannah, Georgia the first week of April! Last year we went to Charleston and had a blast! We decided to make this a new thing to go somewhere new during our Spring Break! Since the end of January I have been craving springtime, that is a thing right? New arrivals everywhere with full on spring, if you haven't seen my espadrilles post recently you need to. Finding those beautiful shoes made me so PUMPED for warmer weather. Below I found so many new things that are perfect for warmer days and vacations to come. Where I live, we have had a few weeks of pretty weather. I have been wearing shorts and sandals, I refused to wear a jacket now. Spring is officially here in my mind.

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