Weekly Update No. 1

Sunday, February 11, 2018

You have your coffee with you or your breakfast? Heck you may be reading this at night eating dinner. What ever you are doing, sit down and relax because I am starting some NEW with you! Welcome to my first Weekly Update post! I wanted to be more personal on my blog. It's all fashion, beauty, hauls, everything a typical "blogger" has. Lately so many things has happened to me in this year already and I wanted to just get more on a deeper level on my blog. You ready? Because I am starting a Weekly Update series with you. How often will I do this? I am not sure just yet - you tell me how often I should do this? Should I do this every week or only when I have some interesting things to tell you? For instance this past week has been all over the place and crazy. I could tell you so many stories about what happened this week. Lets get started shall we?


This past week was my first week of Spring semester. You may ask why in the world did we start back in February? Converse College has a January term and I didn't take any classes then, Spring started February 5th. Crazy. It was a LONG break from school and now excited to get back into it. Already had 2 assignments this past week and a quiz. I miss high school when the first day or two was all paper work and going over the syllabus. Now in college you spend 5 minutes going over syllabus and BOOM right into notes for class. *insert eye-roll emoji*


Since I started back at school, I sadly had to leave one of my jobs officially. I worked at a local insurance place as an assistant, I had been there for 4 years since January 2014. It was one of those places that felt like home, the people there were amazing and it was truly hard to leave there even though I was part-time. My schedule for the remainder of my college career just will not permit me working two jobs during the week. If you don't know where I work here you go: I work at an after school program during the week everyday and then at Pink Bee in Greenville on Saturdays, during the summer, or any days I have off at the school. Then I also used to work at the insurance place for a couple of hours a week.


If you don't know Converse College it is an all girls school, I do however have had a few guys in my classes before - mainly in the night classes. Last semester I had all female professors, nothing weird about it. But this semester I have all male professors. Something I find so silly and strange that just came into my mind this past week. Going off on professors, I have one for my International Relations class that is just strange. That's all I know how to describe him as. The first day of class it was intense. He likes to yell and talk so loud it gets awkward. This man is so into the world and politics that I do not enjoy that class. He claims that he has a very high drop number, if that doesn't say enough. I won't speak any future about him just to be careful, but guys please send help.

Funny Story

With it being a new semester, it is always so hard to remember all your class times and locations. The first week is always the worst about it. I will tell you my class schedule after this brief story that reminds me to ALWAYS double-check my schedule. So I have a night class, on Wednesday I rush home from work to grab my book bag and dinner for on the go. I'm doing good on time to get there in time for a good seat. I make it there with a great parking spot - crazy that these things make me happy. I walk into my class and no one was in there. No one and the light was off. I was kinda confused. I pull out my laptop to relook at my schedule to see if I had the wrong classroom. IT WAS THE WRONG DAY. My night class is on Thursday nights. You may thinking oh well you just wasted your gas for one night. NO. Not only did I drive 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back.

My friend and I made plans to go see the movie that night when it came out. What did I have to do you may ask? I called the movie theater and asked if we could change the day of our tickets, they said yes but would need to come in early because obviously this movie would be sold out. Hence why we planned ahead and purchased ours a few days before! I drove to my friend's house from Converse to get her ticket because the next morning I was going to go switch our tickets for Friday night. No big deal. The next morning, Thursday, I drive to the theater. The Friday night shows were SOLD OUT. I was trying to call my friend as I find out she's in class to figure out what we should do! I'm texting her while the manager is staring at me like I am a crazy 50 Shades lady and like 10 minutes of waiting he says that he will give us tickets for Friday night show even though it was technically "sold out". THANK GOODNESS. You may be thinking MORGAN that means two people won't have seats for the show. I was thinking the same thing - but Friday night during the movie there were at least 6 seats empty. To finish this story everything ended up being OKAY!


I mentioned I would share my class schedule which this comes into play with this. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday I have two 50 minute classes one at 9 and the other at 11. Then Thursday night at 5:45 to 8:15. On Tuesday and Thursday I have left those days free till I work for my clinical. If you don't know I am going to school for Secondary Education with Mathematic Major, that means I must have two clinical placements before I student teach. This week I got my clinical placement, which means I know which high school I will be going to. I have not met the teacher I will be with just yet, just know where. If you saw on MWF I have an hour break in between my classes. That means I will have the PERFECT time to do just "catch-up" work, either some homework assignments or blog work. Which I started this blog post during that break on Friday. BTW my Thursday night class for my clinical, there is only FIVE people in my class, that's not including my professor. FIVE!

Spring Break

Last Saturday, my mom and I booked our hotel for our Spring Break trip this year! Both of our spring breaks line up together and had to go on another adventure! This year we decided to head to Savannah, GA like we did in Charleston last year we are going to enjoy tourist area. Visit the historical side, shop, go on a dolphin tour; who knows what else! Beyond excited and CAN'T WAIT for more memories!

Sheila Fajl

Something new and big happened this week, Friday night I found out I am now an Ambassador for Sheila Fajl. You know, the raved hoop earring brand! I wear them all the time and love this brand, I can't be more excited for this opportunity and can't wait for future works with Sheila Fajl. In the meantime, if you would like 10% your order of ANYTHING here is my discount code FOR YOU!


If you have followed me for a while, I get acrylics done every few weeks. Ever since December in 2016 I have and will never go back! Thursday of this week I went and got a fresh set and went with a must-have pink. This color is Sweetheart by OPI and it is one of my favorite colors! 


With this weekly update, I plan to share a few favorites each post. May be one thing or five, who knows. A favorite movie was obviously 50 Shades Freed. If you aren't a fan of these movies, I am sorry for mentioning this but those movies are SO good. I loved all of them and this one was AMAZING! If you love these movies, did you like this one maybe better than the other two... This week I have been loving all country music, something about craving spring weather and wanting warmer days. I have created a small playlist of my top songs from this week, listen to some of them, tell me your favorite!


Where did I get this idea or what sparked me to start this? Kate from Lonestar Southern. She is just so inspirational with all of her Instas and blog posts. I look up to her and her blog. She is so down to earth and the ideal southern belle. Her coffee dates and her latest & greatest posts made me want to do something similar.

I truly hope you enjoyed this Weekly Update post. I had so much fun writing it, slightly different from my usual posts. If you did like it and would like to read more just like this one PLEASE let me know! Have a GREAT Sunday and a GREAT start to a NEW week!

Week of February 4th, 2018 to February 10th, 2018. 


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