Forsyth to Leopolds

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Today is my second post on how my Spring Break trip went in Savannah, GA. I had so many photos from a great trip, I just had to share within two posts.

Here is the first post about my trip!

Forsyth park was about a 20 minute walk from our hotel, we picked a perfect day to walk there. I loved how big the park was, loved how the whole family could spend a day there and be happy!

The Spanish moss on all of the trees! Was a perfect photo area!

This skort was the best thing to wear for a long walk downtown! Super comfy and love how you can dress it up or casual - which I did!

The Paris Market was one store I couldn't wait to go to! This store has so many awesome pieces from bug decor to a mermaid sculpture.

Guys. This mermaid sculpture was beautiful. I hate that I can't remember how pricey it was, but I am pretty sure it was more than $2,000!!!

I have to take advantage of a full length mirror whenever I can.

I am obsessed with brick walls, this one had me in love.

After shopping around The Paris Market, had to stop at the The Paris Cafe for an iced Mocha and some macaroons.

Can I just have my own green hedge one day? Or a wall covered in green vines?

This was one of my favorite meals from our trip. We ate at Flying Monk Noodle House, which I highly suggest eating there! We ate it the last night we were in Savannah, we pasted it so many times while walking around downtown. It smelt amazing each time we passed by! I got the Na Na Noodles with shrimp, it was so good guys. I kinda want another plate right now...

To end our trip we decided to stand in line for an hour for ice cream.

To be honest, I am not sure if it was worth the hour wait. To say we ate there? Yes it was worth the wait. I knew if we didn't try it, I would have regretted it. Needless to say, the experience was worth the wait. However, I love my Bruster's Ice Cream better...

Well guys, thanks for looking at how my spring break trip went. I truly had so much fun on it with my mom. Love going on small trips with her and so thankful for my mom. This past week I have had some major changes happening, I promise I will share soon. Till then, see you later!

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PS: I love you Mom!

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