Guys, I am back! It truly has been a very long time since I have blogged. This year is a weird one with my blogging. I would write a few posts here and there, then I would never finish them to post... Today I sat down and did this whole post in one night. Just the motivation hit me and couldn't stop doing what I used to LOVE to do! 

This may be my fifth year of college - crazy to think I graduated high school four years ago. Over these past couple of years - I have learned a few things here and there on how to get by the college years. I hopefully will be done with school in a year and half (dare I say it could be two years)... However I think I can give my opinion on some things that you will either want or need for college. These could also benefit those high school years. 

North Face Jester Backpack
Barbour Beadnell Jacket
Longchamp Large Tote
Longchamp Pouch
Converse Sneakers
Tory Burch Crossbody

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