Shopping APS? What to Know

Saturday, September 1, 2018

To begin this post - who else is beyond excited for the After Party Sale!? I am! No matter what, each year I get super pumped for this sale! The sale is a few weeks later this year, which I think it makes more sense after Labor Day to have a big sale! On my Instagram Stories about a week ago I asked if any questions to be answer, I will go over those questions and more within this post!


Create your account NOW! On the day of, it is easiest to have all of your information on your account - including the card you will pay with! Have you shipping address correct and ready.

Can't shop the first day?
They will release more items during the days - so you should most likely find something! In the past, during the days the sale is - more will be brought out during certain times of the day. I usually purchase a few more on the second day of the sale.

The night before.
Remember the sale start early and for some of you starts while you rather be sleeping! So the night before get everything ready then! Have your wallet out just incase you need it. Know what you wear that day incase your shopping lasts longer than expected and you do have to be somewhere that day. Have all the devices you need out and ready where you can shop easily - I like to use a desk. Clear the area - stuff in the way may be messed up or broken from excitement... This is an important step, do in this order - when you are done with your laptop or phone for the night. 1. Clear your history on Safari or what you use. Once you clear your history - go to and log BACK into your account. Do nothing else now!

What happens that morning?
The sale begins at 8 am EST. You will be placed in a virtual line to get on the site. Once you check out and place an order you will be placed back in the virtual line...

The morning of...
Grab your coffee, breakfast, what ever you need to shop for a few hours. Grab something to do if you have to wait in the virtual line a while. I either do my makeup, have some homework out to do, or watch tv while I shop. Get as many devices you can in one place. I use my laptop, my phone, and desktop computer. You refresh at 8 am on each device and hope you get a good place in the line. You may have a shorter wait on one of your devices - so try to have as many as you can. Have all of your devices on ready and easy to get set to shop! Make sure no one needs you during this time - I don't like to get distracted or notifications blowing up while I am shopping on my phone. To think of it - I may have to put Do Not Disturb on... If you can have other shop with you, I always shop for my mom as well while she is working.

How to actually shop the sale?
With my experience this is how I have succeeded shopping the sale. Know your sizes and what you are looking for. You will get very overwhelmed once you are on the site. List the items you want the most first. Your first couple of items - search them in the search bar. Add to cart, try to get those must haves first and check out if you do not want to miss out! Because your cart is not RESERVED! Once you have purchased your must haves and on the site again, search by your size. I always do this so I am not tempted by anything not in my size. Also you are not wasting your time looking at things you don't need!

Few other things to mention
In the past other sites do participate in the online sale - Zappos, Amazon, 6pm, etc. Just search Lilly Pulitzer and what ever pops up on Google go check out those sites! 


Is there anyway to know what prints/items will be included in the sale?
If anything is on the site a few days before will NOT be included! I believe it will be all of the Spring and Summer prints, even some leftovers from Resort from the beginning of the year. From my knowledge I don't think any of the Fall will be included.

Is there any day you can shop in store on the weekend?
Stores will be doing a presale in-store on Saturday and Sunday before. 

I do have screenshots of past sales for you to browse to if you are curious what the chaos will look like. There are in these google albums: 
APS January 2018
APS January 2016
APS August 2015

If you have any questions or any other tips for anyone else to read - please comment below! I think I will post a separate post of what I am wanting from the sale and a post on things I own that should be included!

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