Advice to Any Bachelor Contestant

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Who else is a Bachelor Nation FAN! I am! 

This advice is solely coming from someone who just watches the show every Monday night (and bonus nights). I have come up with so many things I'd LOVE to share with all of the ladies on the show. 

So for anyone who is considering applying or going on the show. Here is my advice to you:

  • Keep to yourself as much as you can, especially your opinions
  • Don't be best friends with anyone on night one, you never know who will leave or who will become an enemy 
  • Be yourself
  • Why the heck are you there if not for "love"; why quit your job or school to POSSIBLY get fame
  • Do not waste any other girls' time. Most of them are there to find a future husband, do not get in their way if you just want to be on tv or date a guy
  • People will find out if you're there for wrong reasons or if you had previous relationships right before the show
  • If you apply don't get into a relationship right before going on show or don't "talk" to anyone - BE SINGLE prior to going on the show
  • Keep all tags on clothes that you purchase - you may go home sooner than you thought
  • Reuse clothes
  • Bring many journals; write your feelings while there and any random thoughts (keep it hidden well); did you know that they can't hand their phones while away and can't want any tv or movies!? 
  • Don't start drama - who wants to be remembered as the villain of the season
  • Not sure if allowed but get a polaroid camera and take pictures to remember by, make an album of your journey
  • When you have your time with the Bachelor, talk about you and him. Do not include the other girls in the conversation. Come on, you need to know all about him
  • Try to deal with any issues on your own, but don't be rude about it. No need to raise your voice or yell. Also, go to someone when neither of you has had any drinks. And think about what is an actual issue worth bringing up, is it more in your head or you are just being sensitive
  • Do not abuse the word BULLY. 
  • Be careful with how much you drink, you may be called something you aren't 

Now understand some of these are meant to be humorous and I just can't stand some of the drama that happens on the show. This is just advice from someone watching the show, need advice for what actually happens on the show. You are in the wrong place. 

What are some tips you would give to someone going on the show? Let me know in the comments! 

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