Spring is in Full Bloom

Monday, February 17, 2020

It may not feel like spring is here, but it has hit the stores! I always love spending some time at work trying on some of the new arrivals! Here are some items that I just HAD to try on! I love all of these and would not complain if they were in my closet to wear right now! 
Let me know what your favorite is!

This Jane Shift is one that needs to be in my closer so soon! I love this shift, it is so easy to wear and super comfortable! Maybe Easter?

I am so obsessed with these tops, the pink one below is the same style. Machine washable but a beautiful top that isn't knit!

These skorts are adorable, the white lace detail makes it easy to dress up! I have one from last year and love it! 

I am so glad they keep bringing this shift out in different colors. However I wish I sized up trying it on, it was tight on my bust. I love the ruffles and pearl details.

This is the same top from above just different print and I love this pink print! I want to wear this with a pair of white jeans and I will be set!

I had to try on some new luxletic! This top is so cute! I love the scallop details and love that it was not super heavy on! I think this will be in my closet one day! Also loving the matching scallop detail on this skort!

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