Things I Have Been Up To

Friday, March 27, 2020

What a crazy time it has been lately! How are you holding up? 
During this time of feeling like the world is in a big scare, it is important to find things to keep yourself busy at home. I have been doing things that I have put off for so long and getting them done!

Here are a few things I have done in the past few weeks:

  • Cleaned out receipts
  • Mopped my room
  • Went through my comfy clothes (since I am wearing so much now)
  • Made my desk online school ready
  • Ordered a wall print for my room
  • Bought myself a pair of blue light glasses (since I am on my laptop so much more now)
  • Watched so many movies I have wanted to rewatch
  • Started a new series "Little Fires Everywhere"
  • Listened to so many Podcasts

These are just a few things I can remember what I have done. By doing all of my classes online, it is now a big adjustment. Each day I get better with the assignments and more on top of it than the day before. During this time I thankfully have been able to babysit for a family who still has to go into work each day. 

A little motivation for you: 

Each day is a new day, heck each hour is a new hour. I may not start each of my mornings how I want to, I try to turn it around after lunchtime and get things done. Find something you love to do in your free time and make it you don't do that thing until you get some work done. 
This will all soon HOPEFULLY pass. Life is going on still and we just have to keep our trust in the Lord during these troubled times. Do your part and stay home as much as you can. The one thing that I have been doing, is not going to get food. We have plenty of food at my house and I have been eating at home. When I went to classes on campus, maybe 1-2 days of the week I liked to pick something up even if it was a milkshake. 

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