What's in my Purse

Monday, March 30, 2020

A few weeks ago I post a picture of my Barrington Anne Tote bag shown below. I am a big purse lover and figured I share what I carry in my purse. I have many different sizes and this bag carries it all. What I am sharing today doesn't always make it in every purse I carry. My smaller ones I take out a lot and add what I only need for that day. 

First off, Barrington has amazing bags. I love that you can customize every single thing you get from there. What you want is what you get! You get to pick the colors, trim, monograms, everything! They come out with new prints every season and you will continue to want more!

A few things I like in my purse are smaller bags to keep everything organized. I like to change my bags almost daily, even a few times a day. I never use the pockets in my purse, I just love to have pouches to organize my cords, pens, emergency items, etc. In my blue pouch; I have nail clippers, Tide Togo, bandaids, gum, tissues, hand sanitizer, backup chapstick, and who know what else!

Another important thing I carry is my keyring. It has my keys (obviously), chapstick (HAVE to have!), Teleties, and my smaller wallet. In my smaller wallet, I have my ID and a few cards I like to always have on me. If I babysit or just running somewhere quickly I take just my keyring and head out! My Tory Burch wallet is an older one but still does the job! It keeps all my other cards I could ever need and some cash. 

I do sometimes carry my planner, usually, it stays on my desk and I use the calendar on my phone while I am on the go. I try to be very good at putting everything in my calendar and writing in my planner. I have to say I stay pretty busy and need to know when I have availability! 

This is just a rough idea of what I carry in my purses. Sometimes more is added or other times I carry less. It just depends on the day or time! I have linked some of the items you see above in my purse. Let me know what you carry in a purse, who knows I may need it!

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