All About a Tote

Monday, April 27, 2020

Yes, you read the title right. I want to talk about a tote bag in its own post. Lilly Pulitzer has always had these "market" tote bags. However a year or two ago, they remade them and made the quality amazing! I now have about 5 of them and my mom has around the same! They are the perfect size tote and hold so much!

This tote is one of my top sellers of mine on CRAZY! They just came out with a larger sized one and I had to have it! It comes in three prints. I got the Shell of a Party print because I love sea turtles; I got the regular sized in this print too! 

If you ever need a gift or totes for the grocery store. This is the tote to get. The straps are thick and the bag is made of thick material. I use them any time I need to carry more than my purse, I put snacks, change of shoes, return items, swimsuit, and towel. Anything you can imagine will go into them! 

The best part of them is the price! The regular-sized ones are $15-17 and the larger ones are $25! You seriously can't beat this price for adorable tote bags that are this amazing quality! 

Side note: My older Lilly market tote bags are flimsy and can be folded up easier. This newer style is harder to fold up, but only because it is thick material to last longer!

Do you have a favorite tote bag? Have you tried these out before? Let me know in the comments below!

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