Personal Goals that are EASY to Reach

Monday, April 20, 2020

Do you ever make goals that seem so hard to achieve? I do this all the time. I think we overestimate or want to be bigger than we can handle. I am so guilty of this all the time. I came up with goals for you that are EASY to achieve and will boost your mood when you reach them!

Tidy up your bedroom before you get into bed. 
Notice how I said tidy and not clean. The one thing I can't stay is getting into my bed at night knowing my room is absolutely a mess. Now, it is never perfectly clean, ever. But I do love having my room tidy each night. That way when I wake up in the morning, my room will not start my day off on a bad note. I can wake up and worry about doing other things rather than tidying up my room. 

Finishing reading a book
The hardest step of this goal is to actually have a book. However, the majority of people have at least 50-100 books in their homes. That can be a range of books. But I recommend you find a genre you are interested in and keep a few of those at hand. If you already do, pick them up and read one. Finish it too! You will feel so proud of yourself if you do, especially if you aren't in school anymore. 

Create your Ultimate Spotify Playlist
I can say that this is something I need to work on. My playlists I have created on Spotify are not updated at the moment. So if you already have the playlist you love, update it! This is an easy one that will boost your mood instantly if you are cleaning, cooking, driving, anything! I listen to music a lot during the day. Also, can you concentrate on doing work or homework while listening to music?

Save $200 
I put a lower money goal because this is something you can adjust to what you might need. This may seem like a small amount of money to save. However. If you are not the best money saver, this will help. Think about what you could do with $200. This could be gas over a few weeks, maybe two weeks worth of groceries, maybe a payment, or could be money to spend. If you can successfully save $200 (whatever amount you want) and you leave it alone for just in case. This will make you so happy if something comes up one day or if you found something you wanted to purchase. Pick an amount you want to save and make it easy to approach the goal. Once you achieve that amount, make another goal to reach!

Wake up early
This one might scare some of you. Let me just tell you, this will be hard at first. But it is so worth it. Maybe as I am getting older it has been easier to get up or maybe it is because I have things I am excited to do in the day. I have always been a morning person. Always. I can go to sleep from 10-12 roughly at night and wake up at 7-7:30 and be ready to conquer the day! I love getting up, seeing the sunshine and having breakfast. That is one thing I will also say, eat something for breakfast. If you truly want to wake up earlier, train your body so you want something to eat as soon as you get up. You honestly feel like you have more hours in the day if you are up before 10 am in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, some mornings I do get up and maybe go back to sleep. I love sleeping and napping. But if I get up earlier I feel like I earned a nap after lunchtime, if I want to.

These may not be the type of goals you want to achieve, but I find them universal that everyone can benefit from them. I love creating new habits or reaching a goal of mine. It is so satisfying and promotes personal growth. Just a reminder these are supposed to be for the most part easy. It may not be for everyone, but take one of these and achieve it. Once you reach one, try another. You always have room for improvement in your life; your body and mind will thank you. 

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