Update: Quarantine Time at Home

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Guys, I can't believe April is halfway over now! It seems like yesterday all the stores closed down. I think this will all soon pass. I am doing my part staying home as much as possible; besides working a few days and grocery store runs with my mom. 

However, I am still spending about 99% of my time at home. I think I have slightly gone stir crazy at times and honestly, at times I feel depressed. I told my mom recently this time feels like when we had so many months in a row of just rain. This was during the fall and winter season, now it feels like it all over again. Thankfully, it has been sunny and pretty weather here in South Carolina. I am thankful I can get outside or see the sunshine through my windows.

Today, I wanted to boost my mood and tell you some MORE things I have been doing at home. I would love to know what you have been doing or if any suggestions for what I should do in the weeks to come!

What have I been up to:

  1. Made some blog changes (hopefully you can notice!)
  2. More online shopping
    • Bought a pair of Golden Goose sneakers
    • Ordered more Lilly Pulitzer Tote bags & a clipboard
    • Bought some goodies from Amazon, upcoming post soon
  3. Organized more of my room 
    • I got a new bed in my room, it was from my old room downstairs. So I had to take it apart and rebuild it in my room. 
  4. Been on many walks with my mom and my dog, Olive
  5. Binged watch Fixer Upper. I am about to finish season 4
  6. Kicked off my Pinterest again, starting to focus on Pinterest more than Instagram
  7. Also purchased Ell Duclos Pinterest course
  8. Planned out a schedule (finally) for each day!
    • I still have online classes, working a few days a week, and blogging. I need something to keep my days organized! 

Little encouragement for you today:
This will soon pass. I pray it does in a timely manner. I hope you are doing YOUR part in this situation. Think about others and yourself. I hope you are staying safe, clean, and healthy!

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