Why I am NOT a Fashion Blogger

Monday, April 6, 2020

Have you considered starting a blog? I have owned DarlinginLilly.com for years now and do not consider my title as a blogger yet. I would love for one day that I could do this more than when I have time to do it. I did a really good one year of blogging, which was a few years ago. Then life got in the way, I had to pick school over blogging at the time. I am a full-time student and work about three part-time jobs each week. So today I wanted to lighten things up and have some fun. 

Disclaimer: This post is for only humor! I am not trying to hate on any Fashion Blogger or Blogger at all! I just thought of having some fun and giving reasons why I would not be a good blogger!

Here are some reasons why I am NOT a Fashion Blogger: 
  1. I can name the brands of clothing I wear on one hand
  2. I wear about the same amount of brands of shoes
  3. I majority wear one brand, Lilly Pulitzer
  4. I am extremely lazy
  5. I am over a size 8 
  6. I love to go to bed before 10 
  7. I go to school full time, work many jobs
  8. I do not post daily on Instagram
  9. I do not post weekly on my Blog
  10. I am an outfit repeater 
  11. I wear the same makeup every day
  12. I only curl or straighten my hair 
  13. I will not wear a messy bun
  14. I do not own any Tula products
  15. I do not own a Dyson hair product
  16. I haven't posted an IGTV 
  17. I can't style a white tee 5 different ways
  18. My Instagram doesn't have a theme
  19. I do not do blogger giveaways
  20. I don't own a Barefoot Dreams blanket
Seriously, guys, this was all just for fun! Maybe one day I can start checking these off and do better with my blog and Instagram. I love fashion, beauty, and lifestyle things. 

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