How to take Control of your Life in your 20's

Saturday, May 30, 2020

I may not be an ideal 24-year-old. I turned 24 in May and would not compare myself to most people my age. Heck, I don't want to be like someone, I want to be my own person. I have come up with a few things that I have done in my 20's so far that I feel like I have my life together, sometimes. 
Some of you may think why would I ever want to do those things now, I am just living. Well, I am too and I enjoy my days and feel accomplished most days

I wanted to share a few ways I have taken control of my own life and have been so happy! 

Disclaimer: Most of these habits started and progressed during Quarantine time. Who knew this pandemic would make major changes...

Wake up early:
The first thing most of you may not like even the idea of it. I wake up around 7-8 am. I used to think why would I ever get up before 10 if I didn't have to. To be honest, my dog has helped with this habit since she sleeps with me. She wakes up during those times and I have to take her downstairs to let her outside. Once I let her out I usually just stay up and start my morning. Don't get me wrong, every once in a while I will go back to bed and either just lay around or doze off a little longer if I didn't sleep well that night. 
So with waking up earlier, I have had time to enjoy my breakfast and get ready for the day at a slower pace. I have not felt rushed in the mornings at all. I do know this will all change once things go back to "normal" if they do. Waking up at 7:30 is my typical time right now and I can say I love it! I get so many things done during the day and when it gets to about 8 or 9 at night, I don't feel bad if I just lay in bed watching tv! 

Go through your closet:
Seriously, try to go through your clothes and think about the future with them. I did this recently and it helped so much. The typical way of going through clothes; did you wear them in the past 6 months, do you still love it, does it fit. I had to stop asking these questions because I felt like it was harder to let go of them if I could answer how I wanted. I am about to be going into the classrooms next semester and then student teaching in spring 2021. After that, I will be teaching FINALLY! I am sad to say I owned probably 60 pairs of Lilly shorts. Just Lilly. That also does not include any skorts that would be inappropriate for education. Half of them sadly did not fit and I just did not want to let go of them yet due to an attachment. I did pull some aside I want to still think about and try to find the correct size for me. I kept a good amount still due to what I can wear during the summer and weekends. 
I also still work for at Pink Bee which sells Lilly Pulitzer. Shorts was not the only thing I decided to let go of, I went through tons of things. I felt so much better after having a mindset of, will I be able to wear a lot in the near future, if not do I need 60 pairs of shorts? No. This may not work for everyone, I know some people wear uniforms to work. Well, do you need 50 dresses when you only wear them to Church service? The more clutter or clothes we have we tend to pick only a few things to wear because we either know it fits or we just wore last week and know how to style it. 
I do also want to mention, this is just my personal experience and tips. It may not work for you and that's okay! Find your own way to declutter!

Take care of your skin:
Most people may already know that this is essential for many people. Taking care of your skin at a younger age will benefit for the future. I have always used moisturizer for my face but just recently got a night time cream. I also love having a few eye creams on hand to try out.
This is something that is easy to start you just have to find products that work well for your skin. If you have problems with your skin talk to your dermatologist. Another very important thing to do, DRINK WATER! I need to be better at this myself, currently trying to drink more water each day. 

Stop Buying Cheap Shoes: 
I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but buying cheaper shoes or not good quality shoes are terrible for your feet! I am 24 and my feet kill me almost every day! The best shoes I have purchased for my feet hurting are Birkenstock. I make sure I put them on as soon as I wake up or get home each day. I love wearing Jack Rogers, but I need something to help with my feet to stop hurting each night, and Birkenstocks are my goto. Also, don't forget to invest in some sneakers for any exercise or walking you do. Make sure that you are wearing sneakers not too worn out. Depending on how much you exercise or walk, you may need to replace your old ones more than you think. The support does wear off within time and you need to continue with good support for those activities. 

Treat Yourself:
This is my last tip on how to take control of your life in your 20's. This is the time to think of yourself more than ever. Is there anything you have been wanting for a long time or something you have always wanted to do? Take the time to do it or purchase! I personally have always wanted a pair of Golden Goose sneakers and Airpod Pros. During the past couple of months, I made those purchases and so happy I did! Save up for something you have always wanted. If you are taking the time to make some changes in your life, don't forget to reward yourself as well! 

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