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Monday, May 25, 2020

I recently have been working really hard with saving money. In the spring, there will be a solid four to five months when I won't have a job due to Student Teaching. During that time I need enough money saved up for my car payments during that time. Over a year now, I have been building up a goal to reach so I have enough and more than I will need during that time. I wanted to share a few tips on saving money with the methods I have been doing lately.

1. Declutter your closet!

This is something I have done over time that is extremely helpful for making fast cash and making room!
I use Mercari and eBay for selling clothes or items I have that are in good to great condition.
On Mercari, I have made over $1500 in over two years roughly. This may not seem that much over two years, however, I have not been the most consistent on it. You would be surprised on the things that have been sold on that app!

If you have clothing that is not in the best condition, I recommend just donating or you could collect things for a yard sale! Have your family and friends plan ahead, you could collect a good amount to make a yard sale worth the time! If you have items that still didn't sale then you could donate them!

Decluttering your closet helps you put a mindset of clothes you wear and what you may actually NEED to buy while you are trying to save. This comes to my next point...

2. Try not to be tempted by all of the sales

This is harder than it sounds. During any holiday or a long weekend, you will be seeing emails for sales nonstop. Try to resist all of the good deals as much as you can! After you declutter your closet, you may see you have 15 pairs of jeans. Then you can ask yourself, do you necessarily need to purchase another pair of jeans even if it was on sale for $25?

You never know when sales might happen, if you create a list of things you NEED to purchase you can search for them when a sale is going on. That way you don't have to splurge on the things you NEED just yet. However, there will be times when you have to purchase a new pair of work pants if you have been losing weight.

3. Set aside spending money

An essential you need while you are saving money if you do not leave any spending money. You may get into the money you have been saving! Then you would be back to square one on saving.
Be smart with how much you may need for spending. Do you want to have money to go eat with your friends each week or do you like to online shop on Amazon? Decide what you still want to have for free-spending and don't be hard on yourself for having some fun!

4. Paypal Goals is a lifesaver!

This has been an ultimate game-changer for me! I have used this for so many occasions. Last summer for my beach trip, I would transfer money from my bank account to Paypal and it stored it in its own folder for my beach trip. I had all the money saved up in advance for my trip. On Paypal Goals, you can have money automatically load to it every week up to once a month.
I have also been saving up monthly car payments for a future time when I will not have a steady income. This has been extremely hard but I put back a specific amount every other week. Then once it has been transferred to Paypal Goals, it can't be touched unless you transfer it back to your main Paypal account. Another feature I like about Paypal Goals is you can move the money around from goal to goal. You can set a goal amount and how much you plan to put away each month. It will show you an estimated time when you reach that goal. Below is just a small example of what it looks like!

These are my top tips for saving money! I just wanted to share what has worked for myself, they may not be the best for you. I just hope you may get one useful tip from this. If you have any tips that I need to know about please let me know about them!

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