After Party Sale Ultimate Planning

Sunday, June 21, 2020

This is my favorite time of the year. It happens twice a year and it is so much fun!
You may be wondering, what is the After Party Sale? It is a huge sale that Lilly Pulitzer has twice a year of things for a MAJOR discount! If you have ever wanted to purchase Lilly Pulitzer or just love the brand, you need to check out the sale when it happens!
Discounts are from 30%-75% off!

I have posted a handful of posts over the years of After Party Sale planning or shopping hauls. I will link those at the bottom of the post for you to access easily in one area.

Today, I decided to create the most informational post for you to start planning and preparing for the sale!
The biggest part of the sale is you don't truly know the dates of the sale up until maybe a week before they plan to have it. This is why I want to share these tips early for you to know all you need to up till they announce the dates. Depending on when you are reading this: The sale usually happens in early January and in late August. Note: I am just sharing from past sale whens they HAVE happened roughly.

Planning ahead of time

Plan ahead. Like weeks or months ahead...

I truly mean to plan that ahead. In January, after that sale, I started a new Note on my phone of items to keep in mind throughout the next couple of months to try on and that I might want to purchase during the sale. 
On my note, I would list the items from what I really want to not a high priority. 
Beside each item, I mention the style, print, size I need, and the original price. This will be brought up again below. 
Once I create a new list, I keep items in mind over time that I would be interested in purchasing. You may put items on there in February and by the time the sale happens you may like another item better. 
I try to go through mine every couple of months to make sure I have put everything on there I may want and take off things I may have already purchased at a good price. 

Set yourself a budget

The note you created over time can help with your budget as well. Be smart with your budget, truly know how much you CAN spend, and would like to spend. All items are FINAL SALE and this can help you buy what you really want and know you would wear.

For example, this is what I would do for a shift dress. I write down the size, print, style, original price, and an ideal price I would like to pay. This means, if it is only on sale for $89, I would pass on this dress. However, if this item was on the top of my list, I would consider it more depending on what the price is. So I also may give myself a range of what I would like to spend. 

Once you know your budget, you can work on saving over time! Think about the sale throughout the year, this will help you decide if something is worth purchasing on sale or if its something you need to buy it then.

Know Your Size

I can't stress this enough. Like I have mentioned before, all sales are FINAL. Do not purchase anything you are unsure of the sizing. 
However, if you do purchase something that doesn't work out for you, you can try to resell it to others on Lilly Facebook groups. They will usually pay for what you paid for! Be courteous to others and not try to make a profit on the things that didn't work out for you, otherwise, you will have something in your home just sitting and wasting space.

Day of Sale Details

The Night Before

At this point, the dates of the sale have been announced and you are super excited before the sale happens in the morning!
The time it starts usually at 8 am EST. 

  • Have your account created and logged in the night before! Make sure you know your password to your account or have it written nearby. 
  • Also, keep the card(s) you want to use during the sale right beside your computer! You can go ahead and save your card number under your account, but you may have to put the CVC code in when checking out. 
  • Make sure you have your list ready to go and easy to access, I usually print off mine so I am not using my phone. (You may use your phone to shop as well!)
    • You can download my printable wishlist I have created for you HERE.
  • Get to sleep! I live in South Carolina, so the sale is at 8 am for me. I have some friends around the country that get up at like 5 am! Be prepared to not get all the sleep you want! 
  • Let your friends and family know you are busy when the sale is live! This is important so they do not bother you or try to contact you!
  • Make sure your desk or table, depending on where you will be shopping, is cleared off. I usually use two laptops, one desktop computer, and my phone to shop. I need the space for all of these devices, my card, and my list. 
These last few steps are important to do and follow in this order! Do this right before you head to bed!
  1. Clear your history on your computer or laptop. 
  2. Go to and log back into your account and make sure all your information is showing correctly. Name, Address, Card information, Contact information. 
  3. Then leave the site up. 
  4. Then head off to bed!

Morning of the Sale

  • Grab your coffee, snacks, breakfast, and get ready for some fun!
  • I try to be on the site within 5-10 minutes before it is planned to go live. However, some other sites may have the items on sale live earlier. So you could get up earlier to check out other stores first. 
  • When the site goes live, you will know! You will be placed in a virtual line to get onto the site to shop. To this day, I have no clue how this line truly works. Out of my many devices, I may have to wait 5 minutes or up to an hour to get onto the site. This is why having multiple devices makes it easy to shop. 
  • My top tip for the sale is to utilize the search bar. Search for the top items you want and add to the cart! 
  • Shop fast with the top items you want, they are not guaranteed yours until you place your order! In the past, once you check out, you are placed back in the virtual line. So shop your must-haves first then place your order! 
  • Once you place your must-haves order when you get back onto the site just look around for other goodies!

Shop from other places

Lilly Pulitzer is not the only website that has the sales going on!
So many other retail stores honor the sale prices, always worth checking out!
Here are a few to check out:

Other things to Remember or Know

  • Shipping is FREE
  • The site is bound to crash... be patient!
  • The more you want, the harder to get all those items!
  • Stock is limited!
  • More items are added later on, usually the next day
  • Most stores participate in a presale in-store the day before the sale starts
  • Shop local! They honor the prices!

Quick tips to remember: 
  • Have your cards and wishlist beside you!
  • Use as many devices as you can!
  • Just because you have or had it in your cart, it isn't guaranteed...  

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